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Get the Real Facts About Delaware County's George W. Hill Correctional Facility

As a matter of long-standing policy, GEO does not take a position on or advocate for or against criminal justice policy related to criminalizing certain behaviors or the basis and length of criminal sentences. GEO is committed to reducing recidivism and preparing offenders to successfully reenter society. GEO’s Continuum of Care model provides offenders with cutting edge, evidence-based tools that offer the best opportunities for successful reentry. GEO’s political and governmental relations activities focus on promoting the use of public-private partnerships in the delivery of correctional management services including evidence-based rehabilitation programs, both in-custody and post-release, aimed at reducing recidivism.

Learn the truth behind 10 common misconceptions about contracted correctional services providers.

GEO has NO involvement in immigration policy and does not manage any facilities for unaccompanied minors.


Delaware County's Partnership with The GEO Group

G.W. Hill Correctional Facility was constructed in 1998 to replace a structure that was over sixty years old. Delaware County’s partnership with The GEO Group, Inc. has saved tens of millions of taxpayer dollars over the past two decades while ensuring accountability and the delivery of high-quality correctional services. 

We possess the resources, experience, expertise, and talent to properly and effectively operate and support the G.W. Hill facility. We employ subject matter experts in all aspects of corrections management, including operations, healthcare, contract/accreditation compliance, design and construction, and rehabilitation. 


Delivering Superior Correctional Outcomes for Delaware County

The GEO Group possesses unparalleled corrections management expertise that enables facilities under GEO’s subcontracted management to operate more safely that prisons operated directly by government entities. The George W. Hill Correctional Facility is a leader in inmate safety on a statewide level, and inmates at George W. Hill are demonstrably safer than those at Pennsylvania’s other county prisons.


A recent study conducted by the Reason Foundation comparing safety statistics at Pennsylvania’s 67 county prisons between 2013 and 2017 found that when compared to statewide averages, the George W. Hill Correctional Facility was safer than government-operated facilities in a number of categories. Their research found that Delaware County’s prison saw fewer inmate deaths, attempted and successful escapes, contractions of diseases, uses of force, and assaults on inmates than the statewide average.


The study also found that inmates at one of Pennsylvania’s 66 government-operated county prisons were “nearly twice as likely to be subjected to use of force, and three times more likely to experience a physical use of force from corrections staff” than were inmates in Delaware County.


Our Values

The GEO Group is and always has been a partner with not only local governments, but also the communities we serve. We work every day to be part of the solution to society’s correctional needs. Profit motive has not compromised our core values, nor will it ever. We believe that we are most effective and at our best when those individuals entrusted to our care reenter society as productive and employable citizens.

Accountability is at the core of our success.

The GEO Group is committed to providing high quality services at G.W. Hill Correctional Facility. Operational requirements are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the Facility adheres to industry-leading standards including those set by the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

As a company, we have 41 subject matter experts in security, medical care, ACA accreditation, and a wide range of agency standards. Our compliance personnel are located at corporate and regional offices, plus onsite at all major facilities. These staff members conduct audits monthly, quarterly, and annually.


A Regional Leader in Correctional Safety

The George W. Hill Correctional Facility’s safety record stands out when compared to those of the surrounding counties of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, and Lancaster. 

In 2017, George W. Hill housed 15% of the total county prison population in this five-county region, but only 5% of the serious incidents that occurred in the region took place at George W. Hill.
During a period of time between 2015 and 2017, George W. Hill housed an average of 14% of the total county prison population in this five-county region. During that same period, only 8% of the inmate deaths that occurred in these counties’ prisons took place at George W. Hill.




Current Programmatic Offerings at G.W. Hill

Academic programs

  • 43 GEDs awarded in 2017, believed to be highest in PA

  • Over 20 programs, many of which award certificates

  • 1,764 certificates awarded in 2017

The GEO Continuum of Care was developed and supported by 22 subject matter experts in education, cognitive behavioral treatment, and substance abuse treatment.

  • Substance abuse treatment

    • 582 certificates issued for addiction and rehabilitation program

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Restoration of competency

  • Since 2015, 63% of program participants returned to competency

Anger management and sex offender classes

Enhanced suicide prevention policy implemented in March 2018

5,848 participants across all programs in 2017


G.W. Hill by the Numbers

During 2016 - 2017, the G.W. Hill Facility


inmates processed with no major incidents


mental health evaluations conducted


average daily 



individuals received dental services


individuals treated in the sick call clinic


individuals medically screened upon intake

Employee Demographics:

61% Male

39% Female



54% African American

42% White

2% Latino

1% Multiracial


Cost Benefits of Delaware County's Partnership with The GEO Group

Partnering with The GEO Group to provide security and correctional services has saved taxpayers in Delaware County tens of millions of dollars. 

Delaware County’s contract with us provides for a fixed cost, which means that it’s easier for the county to budget for the cost of correctional services and allows for limited budget dollars to be allocated to other priorities for the community. 

This contract also transfers risk of litigation to The GEO Group, protecting Delaware county from unpredictable litigation costs. 

EXAMPLE: In 2016 the G.W. Hill per diem was 13% below the Pennsylvania average.

2016 Pennsylvania average per diem = $80.17

2016 Delaware County per diem = $69.71

2016 Savings to Delaware County Taxpayers = $6.8 million